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Bohrok Va


The Bohrok Va were small, quick creatures that acted as scouts and couriers for the Bohrok.1

The Bohrok Va were scouts and couriers for the Bohrok swarms. They acted as eyes for the Bohrok everywhere.2

The Bohrok Va served the Bohrok-Kal and carried replacement krana-kal.3

Bohrok Va were the smaller helpers of the Bohrok swarms.4

Bohrok Va assisted the Bohrok and were smaller, quicker creatures that acted as scouts and couriers.5

After his experience wearing a krana, Lewa was the only Toa able to hear and understand the Bohrok and Bohrok Va's communication. Tahu Nuva realized that their alliance with the Bohrok and Bohrok Va may have been a serious mistake, since the Bohrok-Kal seemed to exert some kind of influence over them.6

The Bohrok Va traveled back and forth between the Bohrok nests and the Bohrok in the field, carrying Krana to those which had lost theirs.7

Bohrok Va were active during the Bohrok invasion of Mata Nui and were present throughout the island. They clashed frequently with Matoran but rarely with the Toa.7

When the Toa Mata defeated the Bahrag and thereby subdued the Bohrok swarms, the Matoran believed that the Bohrok Va became harmless, and they allowed both the Bohrok and Bohrok Va into the Koro to aid in their repair. However, since the Bohrok Va were never controlled by Krana and could operate independently of the Bahrag, they immediately began rendering aid to the Bohrok-Kal, assisting them in infiltrating the Koro to steal the Nuva symbols.7

Analogously to the Bohrok, there were six breeds of Bohrok Va: Tahnok Va, Pahrak Va, Nuhvok Va, Lehvak Va, Kohrak Va, and Gahlok Va.7

Unlike Bohrok, the Bohrok Va were not controlled by Krana but could operate independently. However, they still carried Krana, and, like Bohrok, could hurl them at opponents in an attempt to affix the creatures to their faces and bring them under the control of the swarm.7

Bohrok Va, except for Lehvak Va, prided themselves on stealth.8

Unlike Bohrok, Bohrok Va were created as they were.9

Although the Bohrok Va carried the krana, they were not controlled by the Bahrag or by krana. They had very basic programming that adapted to changing circumstances. This is why they did not shut down when the Bahrag were captured.10, 11

Bohrok Va did not have special powers. They came from a corner of the Bohrok nest not shown in the story.12 Bohrok Va had minimal powers.13 They did not have elemental powers.14

The Bohrok Va were completely mechanical.15

Types of Bohrok Va

  • Tahnok Va
  • Pahrak Va
  • Nuhvok Va
  • Lehvak Va
  • Kohrak Va
  • Gahlok Va