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Bone Hunters


The sands of Bara Magna were home to the fierce bone hunters, and none were more dangerous than Fero. Bone hunters were distantly related to the Skrall of Roxtus. They lived in the desert, moving their camp from place to place. Although they usually worked alone, groups of bone hunters were known to raid villages. A special inner eyelid protected their eyes from the bright desert sun. Bone hunters were armed with spiky Thornax launchers and swords.2

The Vorox had problems with bone hunters. Bone hunters saw them as competition, since both groups robbed caravans for food and water.1

Bone hunters were a tribe of their own and were located in the Wastelands. Their equipment was a sword and a Thornax launcher.1

Bone hunters were the scourge of the Bara Magna desert. Long before the Skrall migrated south to Roxtus, the bone hunters kept the Agori in a grip of fear. Distantly related to the rock Agori, bone hunters were masters at living in the wastelands. But they were even better at hunting down, robbing, and sometimes killing anyone who dared cross the desert. Gifted with acute senses and remarkable endurance, a bone hunter would stalk his prey for days, sometimes weeks, waiting for the right time to strike. Then they charged across the open dunes on their reptilian rock steeds, plundering whatever they could before disappearing back into the wastes. Although they preferred to attack trade caravans or lone Glatorian, the alliance between the bone hunters and the Skrall led the bandits to attempt a large-scale raid on the village of Vulcanus.1

After the Skrall defeat at Roxtus, the bone hunters remained a serious menace.1

In terms of personality, bone hunters cared only about the hunt. They had no use for luxuries or comforts, preferring to live off the land. They could not be reasoned with, but sometimes they were open to a bargain if it involved some profit for them.1

Bone hunters were the only beings known to actually enjoy eating the foul-tasting Thornax stew.1

Bone hunters worked solo or in packs, depending on their quarry.1

One of the best known and most dangerous bone hunters was Fero.1

By the time the Skrall River reached the lands of the bone hunters after flowing over the Dark Falls and being evaporated by the desert heat, it was nothing but sand.3

To the north of Vulcanus was territory frequented by the bone hunters, and so very risky to travel through.4

The desert-dwelling bone hunters learned to make do eating native plants in the wasteland that others might have found inedible. The northern desert, close to the Black Spike Mountains, was home to bone hunters and Skrall patrols. Bone hunters often used rock steeds as mounts.5

The entire area by Atero was plagued by bone hunters, who did not hesitate to raid Atero if they knew it was inhabited.6

Bone hunters and Vorox cooked Thornax stew, which others could not stand.7 Bone hunters carried Thornax launchers.7, 8

Bone hunters competed with Vorox for resources and killed many of them.9

Vorox were particularly disliked by bone hunters. Both groups were nomads, and both survived by robbing from others, making them competitors. Bone hunters looked down on Vorox as stupid beasts and would go out of their way to kill them. Vorox saw bone hunters as invaders in their territory and ambushed the bandits at any chance they got.10

Many bone hunters stalked the sands of Bara Magna. Bone hunters were related to the rock tribe Agori, having broken off from them many thousands of years ago. Where the rock tribe lived in villages or cities, bone hunters were nomads with no fixed settlements. They preferred not to be a part of any social system and lived as thieves and raiders in the wastelands. Their lack of organization and unwillingness to form alliances had kept them from being a truly major threat in the past. That changed in recent months as of story year 2009, when a traitor to the Agori made contact with Fero's band about an alliance with the Skrall. Although Fero was only one bone hunter, he was a good example of the race. Bone hunters filled the desert, looking for new victims. Bone hunters carried a variety of weapons, but the most common were swords and Thornax launchers. While they could ride sand stalkers, they preferred rock steeds, which were better in combat.11

One of Sahmad's most bitter enemies was Fero. Since both he and the bone hunters captured Agori in the desert, Sahmad had had a number of clashes with the roving bandits.12

Bone hunters were nomads who lived in the desert of Bara Magna. They were related in some way to the rock tribe, but they were not actually members of it. They were bandits, mainly, raiding trade caravans and now and then a village to steal food, weapons, and whatever else they could get their hands on. If they did hit a caravan, they rarely left anyone alive to tell the tale. They all rode creatures called rock steeds.13, 14

Bone hunters were a species related to the Rock Tribe.15 They were not the same species as Agori.16

Bone hunters were nomadic bandits. They did not participate in the social system on Bara Magna. They worked for whoever had something they wanted.17 "Bone hunters" was the name of the tribe. The bone hunters were well-known and feared.16

Unlike Skrall, who traveled in patrols, bone hunters sometimes rode out alone. Some were killed by Vorox as a result.18

The bone hunters had no singular leader.19

Bone hunters captured rock steeds in the wild.20