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Charger was a mutated Kane-Ra who served as a Dark Hunter.1, 2 He was known for his distinctive dislike of other animals. He carried two sharp blades and an axe capable of absorbing elemental energy and hurling it back at a foe.2


Charger (as he was code-named) was a Dark Hunter who began his life as a Kane-Ra bull. Through some means unknown to the Dark Hunters, he was transformed into an intelligent being able to speak and think like any other Dark Hunter. This made him one of the most unusual Dark Hunters, but he was highly effective. Like Kane-Ra, Charger was brave and bold to the point of being unstoppable and well near suicidal. The Shadowed One never sent him on a mission which involved fighting less than six foes more powerful than he, whom he would inevitably defeat. However, Charger reacted violently to the presence of other Rahi, particularly Muaka. He was far from a strategic thinker, and he was poor at stealth. His methods were far more direct; he would sooner bring down a fortress just to steal an object within rather than sneak inside. He also had a particularly awful smell. The Shadowed One tolerated these faults because of the effectiveness of Charger's methods.3

Charger was brutally strong and wielded sharp blades. He carried an axe looted from a Toa long ago capable of absorbing elemental energy and hurling it back at a foe.3

As of story year 2006, the Shadowed One sent Charger on a mission to track down some Matoran laborers who had escaped Odina.3

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