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Click · scarab shield

Click was a Scarabax beetle and was located in the Wastelands. His equipment was pincers and mandibles. He was also capable of limited flight.1


Click was a scarabax beetle native to the desert of Bara Magna. He lived in a large colony not far from the village of Vulcanus.1

Click and Mata Nui formed a friendship, despite the fact that many of those Mata Nui met considered scarabax repulsive. Click was courageous and extremely loyal to Mata Nui. He repeatedly put himself in danger on behalf of his friend, a trait not often seen in scarabax beetles. His natural instincts also helped warn Mata Nui of danger more than once.1

After his initial transformation into a shield, Click was able to transform back and forth at will.1

Mata Nui carried a scarabax shield.2

On Bara Magna, Mata Nui wore the amazing Mask of Life and carried a scarab shield and Thornax launcher.3

On Bara Magna, Mata Nui carried a sword, a scarab shield, a Thornax launcher, and the Mask of Life.1