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Fikou were a species of tree spider Rahi. They nested in Le-Metru cables, Onu-Metru tunnels, and, later, Le-Wahi vines. They were known for spinning incredibly intricate webs and for jumping out suddenly at passing prey.1


The Fikou was a dangerous tree spider found in the jungles of Mata Nui. It was most often seen in the vicinity of Le-Koro. The natives of Lewa's realm always had to be on guard when swinging through the trees. Fikou loved to lurk among the high branches and wait for their incredibly strong webs to entangle prey.2

Fikou left webs behind down below in the Archives.3

Fikou were known to weave tangled webs. The network of maintenance tunnels beneath the Archives was nicknamed the "Fikou Web" after them.4

Fikou were tree spiders known for nesting in Le-Metru cables. They were considered to be highly dangerous.5

Other Information

  • A Rahi known as the Fikou-Nui was set to appear in BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui. As the game was cancelled, the Fikou-Nui was never introduced into the universe and was therefore not canon.6