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Fireflyers were flying insect Rahi with a fiery sting. Swarms of fireflyers were known to nest in furnaces and maintenance tunnels beneath Ta-Metru.[1, 2]


These were a breed of Ta-Metru winged insects nicknamed "fireflyers." Left alone, the small insects were relatively harmless. When a swarm was angered, they would pursue an enemy halfway across the city. The swarm gave off an ominous buzzing sound. Fireflyers were felled by cold temperatures.[3]

Fireflyers were flying insects living in Ta-Metru with a fiery sting. Individually, they were harmless, but an angry swarm was capable of overcoming even a Toa Metru. They were known to nest in furnaces and in the maintenance tunnels beneath the metru.[4]

Metru mantises preyed on fireflyers. Onu-Matoran at times released Metru mantises into mines and tunnels to clear out fireflyers and other insects living there.[5]