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Hordika venom

Hordika venom, from the Matoran word meaning "half beast",[1] also known as Visorak venom,[2] was a substance used by the Visorak to induce dramatic mutations, often resulting in victims resembling half-beast versions of their former selves.

Nature of the Venom

There was speculation that the venom was a dilute form of Energized Protodermis, but no proof was ever found, and the Rahaga voiced doubts that it was true.[3]

Physical mutations caused by the venom were unpredictable.[4]

Despite technically being a mutagen,[5] the venom differed from other mutagenic substances, namely that it seemed to always cause psychological damage[6, 7] while others, like Pit Mutagen, did not.[8] This is why Toa infected with the venom lost access to their mask powers[9, 10] and the ability to form a Kaita.[11] The venom was also different for not being able to affect inorganic objects,[12, 13, 14] but Energized Protodermis,[15] Pit Mutagen,[16, 17, 18, 19] Reconstitute at Random Kanoka,[20] and Roodaka's Rhotuka could.[21] The only exception was when an object was closely tied to a being, and that being was also mutated by the venom.[22, 23, 24]


Krana and Kraata could be infected with the venom because they were organic.[25]

The effects of the venom could be cured by either removing it or rendering it harmless.[26]

If a Matoran were exposed to the venom, his or her mask might have fused to his or her face, but it's uncertain given the unpredictable nature of the mutations.[27]

Keetongu had the only possible cure for Hordika Venom.[28, 29]

The Ignika could probably cure Hordika Venom.[30]

A being infected with Horidka Venom that died and was revived on the Red Star would have a new and restored body, but their consciousness would still be affected by the venom.[31]

Visorak venom would be unlikely to affect Keetongu.[32]

Sidorak and Roodaka could be mutated by Visorak venom.[33]