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ice bat

Ice bats were a breed of winged Rahi from Ko-Metru.[1] They were known for their destructive flights through knowledge towers.[1, 2] Airship pilots were reluctant to fly over Ko-Metru because of their presence.[1]


Ice bats were nasty flying creatures which perched on the tops of Knowledge Towers. They resisted all efforts by Ko-Matoran and Vahki to drive them away. While not particularly dangerous to Matoran, they did have a habit of flying into observatories and smashing valuable equipment as they tried to find their way back out. They also posed a hazard to Matoran airships, which is why the vessels tended to avoid passing over Ko-Metru.[3]

Ice bats were always regarded as pests. Crystal climbers living among the knowledge towers fed on ice bats which nested high in the knowledge towers.[4] Ice bats were the preferred prey of crystal climbers.[2]