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Irnakk was a legendary, monstrous creature in the folktales of the Skakdi. Irnakk never existed in reality was brought to life to fight the Piraka in the Nightmare Zone on Voya Nui. Irnakk had the power to convert an opponent into pure thought and draw one into its twisted brain.1 Its Zamor sphere launcher could cause the greatest fears of its target to become reality.1, 2


Even beings as evil as the Piraka had things they feared, and Irnakk was their greatest nightmare. Brought to life from their fears by an unknown power, Irnakk was one of many guardians of the Kanohi Mask of Life. Being a creature of nightmare, Irnakk's zamor spheres had the power to create realistic illusions of an enemy's greatest fear – so realistic that the target could die from fright. He could also turn a foe from a physical being into merely a thought, and then absorb that thought into his own mind. Surrounded by the monstrous evil in Irnakk's brain, no being could survive with sanity intact.3

Irnakk was a mythological creature among the Piraka's species. Irnakk had the power to convert an opponent into pure thought and then draw him into its twisted mind.4

Irnakk never really existed. He was just a myth.5

Irnakk never existed.6

If Irnakk was killed while a being was trapped in his mind, the being would die.7

Irnakk generated his own Zamor spheres and their contents.8

Irnakk had never existed before his manifestation in the Zone of Nightmares.9

Irnakk was not a Rahi.10

Irnakk wasn't a Skakdi, but a legendary bogeyman.11

Irnakk was always fictional. He was the bogeyman.12

Irnakk's thought power and zamor power were part of the original legend.13

Irnakk's vision power was thought conversion.14

The Piraka feared Irnakk because they believed he would kill them.15

Irnakk probably spoke the Piraka's primary language, which was not Matoran.16

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey gave Irnakk fear powers because he wanted to use the character to reveal the true natures of the Toa and Piraka.17
  • Irnakk was Greg Farshtey's favorite Ignika guardian to write about in 2006.18