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Kanoka blade

The Kanoka blade was a type of weapon manufactured on Xia. It was a half-bio-long broadsword with a fist-shaped rigid glove in place of a hilt. It was forged from Kanoka in a fashion similar to Kanohi, giving the blade the power of the Kanoka used to create it. Like a Kanohi, the Kanoka blade required a certain amount of willpower of the user in order for its power to be used; only beings capable of using Kanohi were able to use the blade's power. The Kanoka blade's power could not be changed from the power it had when it was originally forged. If damaged, the blade could malfunction or cease to function at all. In addition to a razor-sharp protodermis blade, the Kanoka blade's guard was star-shaped and similarly sharp, and the glove hilt protected the user from harm by it. Incorporated into the Kanoka blade's glove hilt was a magnetically-attached interface system that allowed the user to exert his will and activate the weapon's power. When activated, a lightstone in the blade's pommel glowed, and the blade changed color to reflect the user's elemental affinity to signify its use. When the blade was in use, a clamp also tightened around the user's wrist to secure the weapon, and a forearm covering extended over the user's arm for protection. The Kanoka blade's power extended to the entirety of the weapon, including the arm guard, but no further. Therefore, any abilities granted by the weapon applied only to the weapon and the user's arm.1