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Legend of the Seventh Toa

Legends foretold that a mysterious seventh Toa would appear in addition to the six Toa who washed ashore on Mata Nui. Legend said that he would appear to the Matoran and lead them against Makuta, freeing the island from shadows for all time. No one knew for sure how much of this legend was true. It was said that this Toa's element would be Light, and that he would have the power to turn darkness into day and change the anger of an enemy into friendship. His color and village were unknown. Matoran carvings showed the Toa of Light carrying a staff of some sort, but its use was unknown. The myths also described him as having a great vehicle capable of tunneling below the surface at amazing speeds. This vehicle would lead him directly to Makuta. His mask was to be the Kanohi Avohkii, the Great Mask of Light.1


Legend spoke of a Toa of Light who would save Mata Nui from darkness.2

Legends said that only the Toa of Light would have the courage to resist Makuta's dark powers and end his reign forever.3

Legends foretold the coming of a Seventh Toa who would bring light to the shadows and awaken Mata Nui. It was foretold that Rahkshi would appear. A prophecy mentioned "a light among the shadows"; Vakama believed this prophecy was fulfilled when Hahli brought word from Takanuva that everyone was to follow Takanuva and awaken Mata Nui.4

Beyond the island of Mata Nui and Metru Nui, the idea of a Toa of Light had been dismissed for centuries as just another Matoran fable. The Brotherhood of Makuta had firmly stated that no such Toa could ever exist.5

There was a long-standing prophecy about the Mask of Light.6

The Turaga on Mata Nui always knew that there was a legend that a Seventh Toa would come, but they did not know his name.7