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lightstone rifle

The lightstone rifle was a type of weapon manufactured on Xia. It was a long-range weapon that used lightstones as projectiles. It fired electrified lightstones that shattered upon impact. It could stun or blind a target, destabilize structures, and weaken beings of shadow, like Rahkshi and Makuta. The rifle worked by storing high voltages of electricity at the back. It channeled it along a track of crystal and into the lightstone. The trigger of the rifle was made from Kanoka disks of speed, and the rifle itself had space to hold four additional lightstones as additional ammunition. The lightstone in the barrel took five minutes to charge up, and the ammunition took twenty. The user, when deciding to fire, had to wait until the lightstone in the barrel was crackling with energy. The user then had to uncover the laser, which was a lightstone focused by a crystal, and pull the trigger. The trigger struck the lightstone in the barrel, which shot out. Because the electricity weakened the structure of the lightstone, it shattered upon impact, releasing energy and light in a brilliant flash. The rifle functioned well over medium and sniper range. The metal front of the blade could be used as a clumsy block against melee attacks. The rifle was effective against Brotherhood of Makuta forces, especially Rahkshi. However, the rifle was much less powerful than the Mask of Light or Takanuva, so it was more of a nuisance than a threat to a Makuta. The lightstones could easily be shattered by an enemy before making impact. The battery of the rifle could easily blind or stun the user if he was not careful.1