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Maxilos was a robot guardian of the Pit. It carried a Cordak blaster and a power sword. When inhabited by Makuta, it could use all 40-plus of Makuta's powers.1


The robot Maxilos was originally a guard in the Pit. Its mechanical body was taken over by Makuta, who claimed he was there to help the Toa Mahri. Along with the weapons of Maxilos, Makuta still had access to almost all of his original powers, although he could not shapeshift in this new body. Spinax was Maxilos's pet. Maxilos's weapons were a twin-bladed blackfire sword and a shoulder-mounted Cordak blaster.2

Karzahni remarked that although Maxilos' design was unfamiliar, it had the "stink of Artakha," suggesting that Artakha was involved in its design.3

The Maxilos series of robots was used to guard the Pit.4