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Mimic was a Dark Hunter1 capable of duplicating any physical feat he saw perfectly and without practice.2


Mimic, as he was code-named, spent most of his life in the company of a female friend from his native island. Their home suffered a natural disaster, after which the two worked together to survive. Along the way, Mimic discovered that he had photographic reflexes: he could duplicate any physical feat he saw, perfectly and without any practice. Shortly after learning this, his friend mysteriously disappeared. Desperate to find her, Mimic began a long and fruitless search. The Shadowed One easily convinced him that in return for his services, he would put his Dark Hunters to work trying to find her. Mimic proved to be an effective operative, willing to work as long as his friend remained missing. What only the Shadowed One and Sentrakh knew was that she was being held in one of the many dungeons beneath the Shadowed One's fortress.3

Mimic could duplicate any feat he saw. For example, if he saw someone skilled at marksmanship, he became the perfect marksman. If he watched someone skilled at swordplay for even a few seconds, he became a master of the sword. Although this ability made Mimic formidable in his own right and could have been used for his own gain, he had a narrow focus on finding his friend.3

The Shadowed One purposely assigned Mimic to missions far from Odina and rarely allowed him to return, to avoid the possibility of his discovering where his friend was being held.3

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