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Long before the Skrall came to inhabit this city, Roxtus was already a name shrouded in mystery. No one knew who first inhabited this place or why they disappeared. Some Agori would say that the inhabitants of Roxtus headed north during the Core War, for reasons unclear, and were stranded on another chunk of the planet after the Shattering. Others said the residents of Roxtus were slain by Vorox or some other desert menace. Still others said they never left, and that Roxtus was home to evil desert spirits who delighted in the misery of others. After the Skrall settled in Roxtus, on any given day, Roxtus was a hive of activity. Skrall patrols entered and left the city, heading both north and south. Bone hunters arrived to sell captive Agori and Glatorian for the best price they could get. The air was filled with the mournful cries of caged Vorox. Everywhere, there was Tuma, watching over his troops and planning new strategies. As well-defended as Roxtus was, it was not impossible to break into the city, or out of it, as demonstrated by Gresh, Strakk, and Malum. Roxtus was located on the southern edge of the Black Spike Mountains, not far from the headwaters of the Skrall River. The area to the north was mainly mountains and valleys, but as of story year 2009 the Skrall only traveled there on scouting expeditions to search for signs of baterra. The Skrall claimed the southern mountains as their territory and would not hesitate to capture or kill anyone who trespassed there.1


The ancient city of Roxtus became home to the Skrall.2

The village of Roxtus was located in the Black Spike Mountains next to Skull Mountain. It was the site of the Skrall Arena.3, 4

Roxtus had more Agori than any other village.5