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Sentrakh was a Dark Hunter1 who inhabited a shadow state between living and dead. His strange condition was the result of experiments performed on him by the Shadowed One. Sentrakh remained the Shadowed One's most loyal servant. Sentrakh possessed the natural powers of illusion casting, darkness, molecular transmutation, and mind wipe. His Rhotuka spinner could cause a target to dematerialize temporarily.2


Sentrakh was the Shadowed One's most loyal servant, the one being in all the universe he believed he could trust. His past was a mystery both to other Dark Hunters and to himself. Sentrakh felt that his life had no other purpose but to obey the Shadowed One's commands. In truth, the Shadowed One was responsible for turning Sentrakh into what he was. Sentrakh was neither living nor dead, but inhabited a sort of shadow state in between. This was the result of certain experiments the Shadowed One once attempted in an effort to create more loyal and obedient Dark Hunters.3

The Shadowed One acknowledged that he truly owed Sentrakh his life, after Sentrakh had saved him following his battle with Makuta. The Shadowed One considered one day repaying him by freeing him from his empty existence and ending his life.3

Sentrakh naturally possessed the powers of illusion casting, darkness, molecular transmutation, and mind wipe. He could launch a Rhotuka spinner that caused its target to dematerialize temporarily.3

Ancient was the Shadowed One's most trusted operative after Sentrakh.4

Sentrakh was not changed much when he joined the Dark Hunters.5

Sentrakh's mind wipe erased the target's knowledge and memory.6

Sentrakh could use his Rhotuka to make the ground beneath an opponent intangible, but the effect would wear off eventually.7

Sentrakh would defeat Sidorak if they fought. If they were to battle, Roodaka would forge an alliance with Sentrakh if she felt she would lose the fight.8

As of story year 2006, Sentrakh was active hunting the Piraka. He had orders to capture them or, if they proved troublesome enough, to eliminate them.3

Sentrakh had feelings, but did not pay much attention to them. If he were in pain, he might care, but he would probably not see it as worth expressing.9

Sentrakh had a lot of powers, but he didn't have the evil intelligence, experience, and cunning that the Shadowed One had.10

Other Information

  • Sentrakh's name was partially inspired by the word "sentry".11