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shallows cat

The shallows cat was a dangerous Rahi native to the island of Daxia. It resembled a Muaka and lived along the coastline. It would stretch itself out near the surf, appearing harmless, and wait for the unwary to approach. Once someone got too close, it would grab him, drag him into the water, and devour him.1


The shallows cat was one of the strangest creatures to be found on Daxia. It was a menace in past years even to some unwary Order members. Those walking along the shoreline might be surprised to see a sleek, beautiful creature vaguely resembling a Muaka emerging from the surf. It would make no threatening gestures, simply stretching out on the sand to rest. It seemed so harmless that one might be tempted to approach and befriend it. However, the shallows cat dragged anyone who approached it into the shallows, drowning and devouring its victim. The Order of Mata Nui remarked that this was similar to its own tactic, keeping its true power hidden until the right time to strike.2