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southern lands

The southern lands of the Matoran Universe were uninhabited and desolate. They were known to be inhabited by stone rats and the original lohrak at the time of the formation of the League of Six Kingdoms.1


During his hiatus, Lesovikk visited and explored the unknown lands far to the south.2

The southern edge of the Matoran universe contained lands so dangerous that even Makuta never dared to travel to them.3 The southern islands were unexplored and full of dangerous Rahi.4

The southern regions of the universe were largely unexplored by the Matoran. It was rumored that there were many strange lands and unknown races living there, but the farthest south anyone had ever been was the volcanic island of Artidax. Whatever lay beyond was a mystery.5

The southern islands were arranged into two long, parallel chains running north to south: one to the east, and one to the west. They were contained within the legs of Mata Nui's colossal robotic body. The western chain consisted of 12 major landmasses. The eastern chain consisted of 10 major landmasses.5

Bitil's region was the western southern island chain.6

List of Southern Islands