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The Thornax was a variety of fruit which grew wild in the desert of Bara Magna. It consisted of a soft center surrounded by a spiked shell. When unripe, the Thornax could be softened by boiling and made into a stew. This was done mainly by bone hunters and Vorox, as no one else could stand the smell of it. It was said that one could smell a batch of Thornax stew from miles away. When Thornax ripened, their shells turned rock-hard. Then the fruit was harvested for use as ammunition in the Thornax launchers carried by Glatorian, Skrall, bone hunters, and others. The spikes of a ripe Thornax were hard and sharp enough to do damage to Glatorian armor. Thornax were harvested by Agori traders and sold to each village. When allowed to become over-ripe, Thornax became explosive. While use of explosive ammunition was allowed in arenas only in special cases, Glatorian who needed to travel the desert often carried a supply for protection. The Thornax was safe to use as long as the shell was not ruptured. Once it was launched and struck an object, it exploded with a force powerful enough to shatter rock.1


Gresh was the only Glatorian "brave" enough to ever try eating Thornax stew.2

Bone hunters were the only beings known to actually enjoy eating the foul-tasting Thornax stew.2

Zesk were valued for their ability to find Thornax plants, even in the most remote regions. Traders would often follow them across the sands hoping to find the valuable fruit.3

One could get a pretty good idea whether or not a Thornax was going to explode if one knew when it was harvested or if one had harvested it oneself.4

Thornax stew was mainly eaten by bone hunters.5

Thornax did not grow abundantly. Like water or food, Thornax were a scarce resource that had to be sought out or traded for. That is why Glatorian had them and not Agori, because Glatorian had priority for such resources.6