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twin suns


The twin suns of Metru Nui set at night.[1] The twin suns rose in the morning.[2]

Two suns shone in the sky above Metru Nui. These suns rose and set every day.[3]

Although much of Onu-Metru was on the surface, Onu-Matoran preferred to work in the underground levels of the Archives, because the brightness of the twin suns hurt their sensitive eyes.[4]

"Dawn was breaking over Po-Metru. As the twin suns shed their light on the canyons, Matau, Nokama, and Vakama lay flat on a ridge, surveying the territory."[5]

"Turaga, you said I must 'stop the darkness.' Bust sunsfall isn't for —"[6]

As of story year 2008, the sunholes shone with muted light.[7]

After Teridax's takeover, the twin suns in Metru Nui turned red because of Teridax's eyes.[8]

The twin suns over Metru Nui represented the eyes of Mata Nui. The day-night cycle of Metru Nui was tied to Mata Nui's sleep cycle; Mata Nui was asleep when the suns over Metru Nui were down.[9]

Sunlight came through holes in the "sky" over Metru Nui.[10]