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The village of Vulcanus was located in the southern region of the Bara Magna desert. It was situated just west of what appeared to be a limb from the prototype robot whose parts were scattered throughout Bara Magna. It received an offshoot of the Vulcanus Lava Flow which originated in a low-rising volcano to the northeast. Beyond the great limb to the east was Iron Canyon.1, 2 It was the home of the fire tribe.2


Vulcanus was home of the fire tribe and one of the oldest villages on Bara Magna. It was located in one of the most dangerous and inaccessible regions of the desert. Despite this, it was home to the second largest population of settled Agori on Bara Magna, behind only the rock tribe. To the east of the village was Iron Canyon. A lava flow traveled from the outskirts of the canyon into Vulcanus, providing heat for the cold desert nights. To the south was the dreaded Sea of Liquid Sand, a mire of quicksand. North of the village was territory frequented by bone hunters, ans so very risky to travel through. The village consisted of one massive shelter and a number of smaller ones. These smaller buildings were made from volcanic rock whenever possible, although materials acquired in trade from other villages were also used. Like all villages, one of its major features was an arena for Glatorian matches. The fire Agori were well known as crafters, particularly in the field of metalworking. The heat from the Vulcanus lava flow allowed them to melt ore and reshape it or to repair existing weapons or tools. Glatorian fortunate enough to obtain some exsidian brought it to Vulcanus to have it melted down and used as plating for their weapons. The fire Agori often traded their services for goods from other villages, especially water from Tajun. The Prime Glatorian of Vulcanus was Ackar. Its Second Glatorian was formerly Malum, whose exile from the village left it short a fighter.3