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Zamor sphere

Zamor spheres were hollow balls that could be filled with various substances or forms of energy and fired at a target using a Zamor sphere launcher. When a sphere struck its target, its surface turned intangible so it could pass through, dispense its contents, and pass back out again. Zamor spheres were in use as weapons as early as 80,000 years ago. Silver zamor spheres bound a target to the nearest living being with an energy chain. Black zamor spheres marked a target so that he could be tracked anywhere via an energy pulse.1


Different color zamor spheres had different powers.2

The Protodax's Zamor spheres could shrink a target to microscopic size.1 Its zamor launcher (salvaged from a fallen victim) fired a sphere that permanently shrank its enemy to microscopic size, plunging its foe into a universe filled with vicious protodites.3

Zamor spheres were used by the Piraka in conjunction with launchers. The spheres had a solid skin which could temporarily become intangible. Gas, liquid, or energy could be inserted into them depending on what the user wanted to do with them.4

All of the Piraka's Zamor spheres had the same power.5

The Zamor spheres used by the Piraka had the same effect as Sidorak's loyalty spinner, but were different because of what they contained.6

All Zamor spheres themselves are exactly the same, but what's inside can vary.7

An empty Zamor sphere striking a target wouldn't even hit them because the sphere would become intangible on contact.8

Zamor spheres went intangible so they could be loaded.9

Zamor spheres became intangible on contact so they could release their contents inside the target.10

After a Zamor sphere passed through a target, it became tangible and hit the floor because it was empty.11

Zamor spheres could be reused if they were reloaded.12

The top half of a Zamor sphere could be mentally commanded to become intangible so a being could hold and fill it at the same time.13

Zamor spheres needed to reach a certain speed to turn intangible. They could be held when not in motion.14

Zamor spheres themselves were transparent, they assumed the colors of the substances they contained.15

The Zamor spheres used by the Toa Inika were unaffected by energized protodermis.16

Zamor spheres were made from close to the same substance as the vial the Toa Metru used to collect energized protodermis was made from.17

Powers besides antidermis and energized protodermis were simply energy trapped inside the sphere that were released when shot.18

The Zamor sphere used by Hakann to steal Brutaka's powers was blue.19

Zamor spheres were capable of working in water with Pit mutagen.20

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey altered the powers of the gold Zamor sphere to return Brutaka's powers rather than take them away because although the Zamor sphere which stole Brutaka's powers was described as gold in BIONICLE Legends #3: Power Play, the same Zamor sphere was depicted as blue in BIONICLE Ignition #3: Showdown and more people read the comics than the books.21
  • Greg Farshtey assumed the energized protodermis Zamor spheres would be silver in the comics,22 but they were instead colored green.23
  • Zamor spheres filled with energized protodermis should be silver. The Inika sets were designed before the story, and they were given a variety of colored Zamors to make them more appealing to consumers, most of whom wouldn't know what energized protodermis was.24
  • The larger Zamor spheres seen in the playsets were not part of the story.25