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The Amaja-Nui, also called the Amaja Circle, was a sand pit located at the Kini-Nui used for telling stories. Considered a sacred place, it was located in front of a large statue of an unmasked Toa's head and connected by a stone bridge to the Kini-Nui's temple structure. The Turaga of Mata Nui used the Amaja-Nui many times for telling tales.


The Amaja Circle was the sacred storytelling area that was part of Mata Nui's main temple, the Kini-Nui.1

The Amaja Circle at the Kini-Nui was a sandpit which the Turaga used many times, along with the stones within it, to tell tales of the past and future.2

The Amaja Circle sandpit was the place where Turaga Vakama traditionally told his tales.3