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The Kini-Nui was the Great Temple on the island of Mata Nui.1


The Kini-Nui, the main temple, was in the exact center of the island of Mata Nui on the far side of Mount Ihu from Po-Koro. It was a stone temple located in a large clearing to one side of the slopes of Mount Ihu in the center of the island.2

There was a temple pond within sight of the Amaja Circle. Kini-Nui was also referred to as the Great Temple. It was surrounded by mountains. There was a giant head carved into the stone at the edge of the plateau, covered without countless years' worth of dirt and grime. Kini-Nui was considered a sacred place. Steps led from the upper plateau to the lower plateau where the lower temple was located.3

It was referred to as the Great Temple of Kini-Nui.4

The Kini-Nui was dedicated to the Great Spirit Mata Nui.56

The Kini-Nui was a large temple dedicated to the Great Spirit Mata Nui. It was long a site for meditation and contemplation. It was partially built by the Great Beings and completed by the Turaga and Matoran after their arrival on Mata Nui.7