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Botar was a member of the Order of Mata Nui.1


Botar was a member of a savage race of the southern islands. Botar saw the world in terms of pure good and pure evil. His duty was to transport individuals beyond redemption to the Pit for eternal imprisonment. He would do this by teleporting to the target's side and then dropping them off in the Pit. Botar was utterly committed to his job, with a single-minded devotion to justice and punishment and a total unwillingness to compromise. Although he was not physically more powerful than other Order members, his zeal and long record of success intimidated even loyal members of the Order. Merely mentioning his name was enough to dissuade most potential traitors among the ranks.2

Botar had a natural immunity to the mutagenic properties of the waters of the Pit.3

Botar was tasked with teleporting condemned individuals to the Pit. He brought the six Barraki and many others to the Pit.4

Botar had an uncanny talent for knowing whom to teleport and when.5

Botar was not a member of the Hand of Artakha.6

Botar was revived on the Red Star after his death. It is not known why he did not simply teleport back to the Matoran universe with his own power. He may have teleported somewhere else in the Matoran universe where he was not seen, or he may have been so confused by the experience of dying and coming back that he did not know where he was and was not focused on getting back.7

Botar was not a member of the Hand of Artakha.8

Botar didn't use his teeth in combat.9

Botar felt no need to interpret the will of Mata Nui. He saw right and wrong and an obvious difference between them.10

Botar was very single-minded and loyal to Mata Nui.11

Botar wasn't stronger than Axonn and Brutaka.12

Brutaka and Botar were about equal in strength.13

Makuta were stronger than Botar.14

Botar was stronger than Reidak, Carapar, and Krekka but weaker than Nocturn, Teridax, Axonn, and Brutaka.15

Botar was probably not as physically strong as Axonn or Brutaka because their job was combat and his was not.16

Botar made everyone around him uncomfortable.17

There was only one Botar, he did not have a species.18

Botar likely had a species.19

Botar had a species.20

None of Axonn, Brutaka, and Botar were the same species.21

Botar was male.22

Botar was not a Rahi.23

Botar was very tall.24

Botar was not a member of the Hand of Artakha.25

Role in the Order of Mata Nui

Botar's job was to punish those who have dishonored the Order of Mata Nui or any non-Order members who were beyond all redemption.26

Botar was not a bounty hunter and did not track beings down to capture them. He handled beings after they had been captured.27

Botar's job was to transport those beyond redemption to a place of confinement.28

Dark Hunter activities didn't tend to create large enough threats for Botar's involvement.29

Botar acted after someone was defeated, he didn't combat them himself.30

Botar was not a bounty hunter as he did not actively bring down his targets, he only showed up after they had already been defeated.31

Botar was perfectly capable of fighting. If someone attempted to stop him from taking one of his targets, he would fight the other being and bring them to the Pit along with his original target if he defeated them.32

No other beings had the same job as Botar.33

Botar waited for beings to be defeated before teleporting them to the Pit because that was the rule.34

Botar's ability to detect when criminals were defeated was one of his special talents.35

Botar was too busy to deliver messages between Order of Mata Nui agents.36

Some beings tried to stop Botar from doing his duties but none succeeded. It's possible he took those who tried to stop him to the Pit as well.37

Teleportation Specifics

Botar didn't really have the ability to teleport beings to locations of his choosing.38

Botar could teleport beyond range of sight over vast distances.39

Botar could teleport other beings.40

Botar didn't have to grab others to teleport them.41

Botar couldn't teleport others without being in physical contact.42

Botar's teleportation was very disconcerting. Brutaka was unaware of how close he was to Voya Nui after being banished to the Pit, for example.43

Botar teleported within microseconds. He didn't hang out at the Pit to look around.44

Botar only stayed in the Pit for a micro-second after teleporting new prisoners in.45