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Defilak was a Le-Matoran2 who inhabited Mahri Nui3 and was the leader of the Matoran Council on Mahri Nui when the Ignika sank there.4


Defilak made use of hydruka in the past, but it was not part of his regular job.5

Defilak was the leader of the Matoran at the beginning of story year 2007.6

Defilak's mask was the standard shape for its power.7

Defilak was a Le-Matoran.8

Dekar was probably a better fighter than Defilak was.9

Defilak was pretty brave, resourceful, and fiercely protected his city.10

Defilak was not from Metru Nui. He was either well-traveled or had dealings with Matoran from Metru Nui during the years when the city was a major trading center, and so picked up their slang.11, 12

Defilak was a trader who had contact with the Matoran of Metru Nui. He liked their slang and adopted it. He was the only Le-Matoran on the Southern Continent who used it.13