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Exo-Toa were armored suits capable of enhancing the powers of those who wore them. They featured advanced equipment including electro-rockets.[1]


When a Toa donned the Exo-Toa armor, he wielded more power than any being on Mata Nui had ever known. The Exo-Toa were hidden underground for centuries. The Exo-Toa featured a mighty claw arm and an awesome electro-rocket.[2]

An Exo-Toa hindered the elemental powers of the Toa who wore it. It also required tremendous strain to use mask powers such as that of the Mask of Shielding while in an Exo-Toa.[3]

Exo-Toa had an electro-rocket on one arm. When worn, the wearer could feel power seeping into his or her body. The Exo-Toa inhibited a Toa's elemental powers.[4]

Exo-Toa could also act on their own, without an occupant. They were no match for the Bohrok-Kal.[5]

When wearing the Exo-Toa, Tahu was referred to as Exo-Tahu.[6]