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Brotherhood of Makuta

The Brotherhood of Makuta was the official organization comprised of the beings known as the Makuta, who rebelled against Mata Nui. The Brotherhood and its members were secretive, powerful, and dangerous.[1]


As of 7,000 years ago, the Brotherhood of Makuta was believed to be one of the most benevolent and powerful organizations in the universe.[2]

The Vortixx did work for the Brotherhood of Makuta.[3] The island of Xia was the source of much of the weaponry used by the Brotherhood of Makuta.[1, 4]

The Order of Mata Nui considered the Makuta to be brutal, ruthless traitors and regretted their inability to protect the Matoran universe from them.[5]

From the beginning, it was known that the Brotherhood required very little in the way of luxuries or resources, needing only space for experimentation and access to large amounts of energized protodermis.[5]

There were at one time one hundred members of the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Order of Mata Nui believed that this number became significantly smaller, as Teridax weeded out those he felt were not loyal enough to his Plan.[5]

Different Makuta were charged with conquest of different sections of the Matoran universe. All of them answered to Teridax, only because he gave birth to the original conspiracy.[5]

Visorak were the backbone of the Brotherhood's legions for millennia.[5]

Originally, the Brotherhood of Makuta was a group of brilliant creators whose role was to bring Rahi beasts – animals, birds, fish, insects, etc. – into being. By adding viruses to vats of protodermis, they could control what kind of Rahi would be created and what it could do. Some were helpful to Matoran, like Ussal crabs. Others were nasty and frightening, intended to keep Matoran away from places that might have been dangerous for them. Virtually every Rahi that existed in the universe was created by the Makuta. Later, the Makuta started helping to protect the Matoran in other ways. Each region was assigned a Makuta to watch over it. They did things like crushing the Barraki rebellion and helping to stop the Matoran Civil War in Metru Nui. For a long time, the Makuta felt that they should be running the universe, not the Great Spirit Mata Nui. They believed that since they were smarter and more powerful than anyone else, the rest of the beings in the universe should exist to serve them. Then [Makuta Teridax] came up with an incredible plan to overthrow Mata Nui and seize power. Most of the rest of the Brotherhood agreed to follow his plan. Those who did not met with fatal "accidents." Using a special virus he created, Teridax poisoned Mata Nui and put him into an unending sleep. With him out of the way, the Brotherhood began taking over large portions of the universe, enslaving Matoran, and eliminating anyone who opposed them, including Toa.[6]

As of Federation of Fear, Roodaka said that the Brotherhood had overextended itself in recent years, warring with Dark Hunters and Toa.[7]

The Brotherhood of Makuta had a symbol.[7]

The Brotherhood of Makuta was considered one of the most dangerous organizations in the Matoran universe, along with the Dark Hunters.[8]

In the tens of thousands of years before the Brotherhood of Makuta rebelled against Mata Nui, they often employed Toa as guards, such as the Toa Hagah.[9]

Visorak didn't tend to stay behind from conquests to protect the Brotherhood of Makuta because no organized force opposed the Brotherhood.[10]

Since all members of the Brotherhood of Makuta originally served Mata Nui, they likely all considered Mata Nui to be their brother.[11]

The Brotherhood of Makuta had an edge over the Order of Mata Nui because the former had more resources and could operate in public, unlike the Order.[12]

When the Order of Mata Nui was in hiding, members of the Brotherhood of Makuta were some of the very few who knew of their existence.[13]

Before the Dark Hunter/Brotherhood of Makuta War, it was typical for the Shadowed One to send Dark Hunters to the Makuta for alterations or upgrades.[14]

The Brotherhood of Makuta had far more than six members.[15]

The Brotherhood of Makuta likely had no first-hand knowledge of the Order of Mata Nui, but theorized the organization existed.[16]

It was not in the nature of Brotherhood members to hide.[17]

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey stated that, if released, members of the Brotherhood of Makuta would probably be $19.99 sets like Axonn.[18]