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As a Toa, Vakama was able, with tremendous concentration and willpower, to absorb the fires of a furnace. Right afterward, he needed to unleash the energy in intense blasts of flame from his hands, which left him exhausted.1

Toa of Fire could not walk on or swim in lava.2 Tahu only had a little control over lava, because much of it was rock. Tahu had limited resistance to lava but not immunity to it.3

"Fire" described flames produced by combustion. "Plasma" described hot, shining gas. Toa of Plasma could not produce flame or directly burn objects, but they could create fires by shooting plasma at materials to ignite them. Toa of Fire could not shoot beams of superhot, shining air because their power required combustion. Toa of Plasma could possibly heat solids into plasma. A common plasma attack would create a brightly glowing, cloud-shaped beam with no discernable flames.4

Tahu could create fire bursts as well as manipulating existing fire.5

Toa-level control over fire wouldn't allow a being to create fire underwater.6

A Toa of Fire could not be blue or produce blue fire.7

Toa of Fire could not be blue.8

Heat was essentially a special Fire power.9

Toa of Fire could liquefy (melt) solids. They could also evaporate water into water vapor among similar things.10