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The Kanohi Huna was the Mask of Concealment. The Great Huna could make its user invisible, although he or she would still cast a shadow. The noble version of this mask had the same effect but with a shorter duration.1


The Kanohi Huna was the Noble Mask of Concealment. It allowed its wearer to become invisible.2, 3

The Great Kanohi Huna allowed its user to turn invisible, although the user would still cast a shadow.4

When Vakama turned invisible, the disk launcher he carried turned invisible as well. However, it turned visible as soon as he let go of it.5

Huna were created from Kanoka disks with the enlarge, shrink, and freeze powers.6

An Elda user could detect a being with an activated Huna.7

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey stated that if he could have any mask power known by 2006, he would want a Mask of Flight or a Mask of Concealment.8
  • Concealment was probably Greg Farshtey's favorite mask power.9