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Noble Kanohi

Noble Kanohi were Kanohi Masks of Power with a significant amount of power, though less than that of Great Kanohi. They were made from Kanoka disks of power level 7.12 They were commonly worn by Turaga and used by Toa. Noble Masks were stored in the Great Temple of Metru Nui.2


Noble Masks did not possess as much energy as the Great Masks of Power, but they too were vital to the Toa's quest to free Mata Nui. The Noble Masks could be worn by both the Toa and Turaga, and each Toa had to collect six Noble Masks in his or her own color.3

Noble Masks of Power could be worn by either Toa or Turaga. They were often used by Turaga. They had less energy than the Great Masks. On Mata Nui, there were a total of 36 Noble Masks, which the Toa collected and returned to their villages.4

Noble Masks of Power were made from Kanoka disks of power level 7.5