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Krekka was a Dark Hunter.1, 2 He was one of three Dark Hunters sent to Metru Nui at the request of Makuta and was partnered with Nidhiki. Krekka was originally part of a guardian/servant class on Stelt, the same island where Sidorak came from. He was extremely strong and powerful but not very bright. He earned a living by convincing intruders to go away, often in very painful ways.1


As a Dark Hunter, Krekka could generate and project energy webs and launch Kanoka disks. What Krekka lacked in brains, he more than made up for in brute strength. Most of the time, just his presence was enough to frighten someone into doing whatever Nidhiki wanted. His destructive ways could make him seem out of place. Krekka was most effective when he was following one of Nidhiki's plans. When he tried to do something on his own, he usually caused a lot of damage without really accomplishing much. Given how strong he was, it was easy for him to fight his way out of any trap he might have walked into.3

This powerful Dark Hunter was known for his strength, if not his intelligence. Little was known of the history of this one-eyed ape-like being, but his love of the hunt was obvious. He and Nidhiki might have seemed like a strange team, but Krekka's raw power and ability to launch energy nets made him a danger to all in Metru Nui.4

Krekka was not particularly bright, but according to Nidhiki, he was "strong enough to crumble a Knowledge Tower with one blow."5

In BIONICLE #20: Struggle in the Sky, Krekka is seen with a Kanoka disk with the code 688 (Onu-Metru, teleportation, level 8) in his launcher. [This code was presumably written upside-down by mistake, since otherwise it would read as the code 889, an invalid code.]5

Krekka was able to bind Lhikan's hands with an arc of dark energy. Krekka could change into a flight mode that allowed him to fly.6

In addition to his enormous strength, he carried a Kanoka disk launcher and was capable of launching energy webs at his foes. He could also shift into an aerodynamic mode for flight. He was able to survive falls from great heights.1

He was a strong, dumb brute who was nonetheless scrupulously honest and devoted to carrying out orders.7

Krekka was extremely dim-witted; he had difficulty understanding non-literal speech and sometimes looked like he lost his train of thought in the middle of a conversation. He once started climbing up a sheer cliff because he forgot that he had the power to fly. As a fighter, Nidhiki thought he lacked any semblance of style, grace, or stealth. Instead, Krekka tended to demolish any obstacles in his way. Krekka could climb up a sheer cliff by punching handholds into the rock. He could also fly.8

The Shadowed One considered Krekka's sheer, raw brute strength paired with Nidhiki's cunning and craftiness to make them an almost perfect team. Krekka was a mindless mass of muscle who made sure that Nidhiki followed orders. The Shadowed One dispatched Nidhiki on minor assignments, always with Krekka as a partner, since Krekka was blindly loyal to the Shadowed One and would never tolerate Nidhiki's attempts at betrayal.9

Before joining the Dark Hunters, Krekka lived a simple, violent life as a guard on his home island.9

Sidorak had no direct contribution to Krekka's induction into the Dark Hunters.10

Krekka was enormously strong, well beyond the level of a Toa. He was capable of flight and could cast energy nets to trap a foe. He was lacking in speed and agility, but his brute force more than compensated for this.9

Big, strong, and dumb, the most exciting thing that had ever happened to Krekka was a fight he had with Makuta Gorast, which he lost. Then he was recruited into the Dark Hunters and assigned to be Nidhiki's partner, more to keep the ex-Toa honest than anything else. He was with Nidhiki in Metru Nui during the battles with Toa Lhikan and the Toa Metru, and he was killed along with him by Teridax. Krekka had the power of flight and the ability to create energy webs.11

Most Dark Hunters weren't slow or clumsy, but Krekka was an exception.12

Reidak and Krekka were not vastly different in strength.13

Krekka was weaker than Nocturn, Teridax, Axonn, Brutaka, Botar, Reidak, and Carapar.14

Krekka was probably a hair stronger than Onua Nuva when the latter had his Pakari Nuva.15

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey believed Krekka was too dumb.16