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Nidhiki was a Toa in the past1, 2 and later a Dark Hunter.3


Nidhiki had four legs and had a monstrous appearance. He could fire bursts of energy.4

Nidhiki was a four-legged Dark Hunter with a rasping voice and the ability to launch powerful energy webs at his enemies, Nidhiki was a cunning tactical thinker and skilled at trapping his prey. He hid many secrets, but no one dared try to learn what lurked in this creature's past.5, 6

As a Dark Hunter, Nidhiki did not have any friends. Nidhiki particularly enjoyed hunting Toa. His first rule of hunting Toa was to taunt them into making them angry, which made them careless.7

As a Dark Hunter, Nidhiki was a multi-legged monster and could spit energy bolts and launch Kanoka disks. Nidhiki was vicious and cunning, with no regard for duty or honor. He was extremely intelligent and understood that fear could sometimes be a more powerful tool than force. His exchanges with Toa Lhikan suggested that the two must have known each other in the past.8

He often used Krekka's presence to intimidate others into doing what he wanted.9

Nidhiki could change into a flight mode that allowed him to fly.10

Toa Nidhiki's emerald armor was scarred and pitted from countless battles. Nidhiki wore a Kanohi Mask of Stealth. As effective as his Mask of Stealth was, Nidhiki found it disconcerting not to be able to hear his own footsteps.11

Nidhiki disliked Ga-Metru because it was so neat and orderly.11

Although he would never admit it to his brother Toa, Nidhiki always had a morbid disgust of insectoid creatures such as chute spiders, Nui-Rama, or Nui-Jaga. If it had been up to him, he would have purged Metru Nui of multi-legged crawling things long ago.11

Nidhiki felt at home sneaking through the shadows. Nidhiki was an exception to the general rule that Toa were not good at sneaking, as they were traditionally proud and very public heroes. Where Nidhiki came from, Toa struck from the shadows or they did not live long.11

Toa Nidhiki wielded a scythe. From it he could issue a narrow, focused, hurricane-strength blast of wind. He could also send elemental air power from both sides of the tool, bracketing an opponent. His right shoulder armor was emerald in color and received a minor gash in a fight with Lariska.11

Nidhiki routed more than his share of the enemy in the Toa-Dark Hunter war.11

Nidhiki was naturally cunning. As a Toa, he wore a Kanohi Volitak12. As a Dark Hunter, he could spit force bolts at opponents and could fly.13

Nidhiki was originally a Toa of Air.14

The Shadowed One considered Nidhiki's cunning and craftiness paired with Krekka's brute strength to make them an almost perfect team. Nidhiki was a reluctant Dark Hunter, always looking for some way to escape the life. The Shadowed One used Krekka's blind loyalty and brute strength to make sure that Nidhiki followed orders. The Shadowed One dispatched Nidhiki on minor assigments, always with Krekka as a partner, since he was too blindly loyal to the Shadowed One to tolerate Nidhiki's attempts at betrayal.14

Roodaka mutated Nidhiki into a spider-like form. Too hideous to be accepted anywhere else, Nidhiki was forced to remain a Dark Hunter forever.14

As a Dark Hunter, Nidhiki was capable of flight, spitting force bolts at opponents, and planning ingenious ambushes.14

Toa Nidhiki was emerald in color.15

Even at the time of "The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet," Nidhiki displayed a cynical attitude which grated on Lhikan's nerves. Even at times when Lhikan obviously did not want to talk, this did not stop Nidhiki from making cynical comments. Tuyet did not like Nidhiki.16

Tuyet thought that Nidhiki was not trusting and doubted that he even trusted himself. She warned Lhikan that he would come to no good.16

Nidhiki was once a Toa of Air, before he tried to betray Metru Nui to the Dark Hunters. Exiled from the city, he was mutated on order of the Shadowed One and became a Dark Hunter himself. He was later sent back to Metru Nui to capture Toa Lhikan and others as part of a plan by Makuta Teridax. When Nidhiki failed to stop the Toa Metru, Teridax absorbed him into his own body, killing him. Nidhiki was capable of flight and hurling force bolts at his foes. He was a skilled thief and liar.17

Nidhiki originally came from the Tren Krom Peninsula.18

Lhikan and Nidhiki weren't from the same island. Neither of them were from the island location of the Toa Fortress where Lhikan and others guarded the Makoki Stone, Odina, Metru Nui, or the island location where Zaktan learned of Teridax's plan.19

After his transformation, Nidhiki no longer had Toa power and the ability to transform into a Turaga.20

Even when Nidhiki did heroic things, he did them for the wrong reasons. He was always looking out for himself more than anything else.21

Nidhiki did not have the same passion for fighting evil that Lhikan had.22

Nidhiki might not have been the best and most honorable Toa to begin with, as evidenced by his attempt to kill the Kanohi Dragon and later his betrayal of the Toa to the Dark Hunters.23

Nidhiki's destiny involved losing his Toa power.24

Nidhiki's emerald Kanohi was simply green; it was not a rare Kanohi.25

Nidhiki didn't use chutespeak because he was not from Metru Nui.26