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Roodaka was viceroy of the Visorak and lieutenant to Makuta, and later a freelance operative.1


Roodaka was the Viceroy of the Visorak. Her spinner power was permanent mutation. Her weapons were Rhotuka catcher claws and shadow energy blasts. Her allies were a Visorak Boggarak honor guard. She relied on treachery and complex plots to achieve her evil ends. She secretly worked for both sides during the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta war.2

Roodaka was tall, powerful, with jet-black armor. She moved like a serpent, eyes darting from left to right.3

When Nidhiki was struck by Roodaka's mutation spinner, he felt a black pain, the world spinning in from of his eyes, and the bizarre sensation of his muscles shifting, altering, and becoming something else. His mutation lasted for six seconds.3

Little was known about Roodaka's past. She was native to the island of Xia4, a land where ruthlessness and the ability to deceive were required to survive, two traits she had in abundance.1

It was believed that she had never seen the information about Makuta's plan which Zaktan did.1

Roodaka carried a mechanical Rhotuka [Kanoka disk [sic]] launcher.5, 1 Her spinner was capable of causing instantaneous, permanent mutation in whomever it struck.1

Roodaka was immensely strong and capable of harnessing her body's natural shadow energy and unleashing it in a devastating blast. Her catcher claw could snatch Rhotuka spinners [Kanoka disks [sic]] out of the air so she could fling them back at her foe.1

Roodaka was cunning, cruel, and thoroughly evil. She was a grand strategic thinker and saw all other beings as pawns in her game. The only entity she admired was Makuta, and her time on Metru Nui was spent devising a means of rescuing him from his prison. Roodaka could be subtle, scheming, and capable of brilliantly complex plans one moment, then irrational and violent the next. Her favored approach to problems was to work on her opponents' weak spots and twist them until they were willing to do her dirty work for her.1

Roodaka's personal guard was made up of Boggarak.6 Roodaka enjoyed the loyalty of the Boggarak who made up her personal guard, but many of the other Visorak feared and hated her.1

At one point, Roodaka carried a shard of the solid protodermis that imprisoned Makuta.1

Roodaka was easily the most famous Vortixx, having served as viceroy of the Visorak horde during the invasion of Metru Nui. After that time, she still resided on Xia, although much of her time was spent off-island.7

Xia was famous for being Roodaka's homeland.8

Roodaka was a major figure in the Brotherhood of Makuta-Dark Hunter War. She brokered deals for both sides, which put her in line for rule of Xia.8

Roodaka's ambition for conquest was remarkable among Vortixx, who generally were content to manufacture weapons for other warring factions.8

As of Federation of Fear, Roodaka had become a byword for "treachery."9

If they were to battle, Roodaka would forge an alliance with Sentrakh if she felt she would lose the fight.10

Sidorak and Roodaka had to travel everywhere with the Visorak when they led the horde.11

Roodaka's preferred language was Matoran.12

Roodaka spoke Matoran when giving orders to the Visorak.13

Roodaka worked for the Brotherhood of Makuta, but was not a member. She was far less powerful than Brotherhood members.14

Roodaka worked for whoever suited her best at the moment; her only loyalty was to herself.15

Roodaka was loyal to whoever benefitted her most at that time. She was only truly loyal to herself.16

Roodaka was good at strategy and tactics.17

Roodaka had some influence on Xia, but was not its ruler.18

Powers and Abilities

Roodaka's ability to fire shadow energy from her hands was natural.19

Roodaka's shadow power allowed her to hurl shadow blasts, but not create cages of shadow or shadow bonds.20

Roodaka's shadow blasts were not as powerful as a Makuta's.21

Roodaka's ability to fire shadow energy from her hands wasn't elemental.22

Sidorak was likely physically stronger than Roodaka.23

Roodaka would probably win a full out fight with Sidorak.24

Roodaka was not as strong as a Manas.25

Tahu would have the edge in a fight with Roodaka if the latter didn't use Rhotuka.26

Roodaka could likely defeat a single Toa on her own.27

Brutaka was stronger than Roodaka. Roodaka didn't rely on physical strength to win battles as much.28

Rhotuka Power

Roodaka could use her Rhotuka to render a powerful opponent weak.29

Mutations caused by Roodaka's Rhotuka were permanent.30

Roodaka could not mutate herself to become stronger.31

Roodaka could not use her spinner on herself.32

Visorak mutated by Roodaka's Rhotuka recieved more changes than just their Rhotuka powers.33

Roodaka could control what she mutated things into.34

Roodaka could choose the powers of beings she used her Rhotuka on.35

When Roodaka hit a target with her Rhotuka, she imagined a mental picture of what she wanted the target to mutate into.36

Roodaka couldn't "cure" mutations with her Rhotuka, but she could remutate beings into their original forms.37

Only Roodaka could reverse the transformations brought on by her spinners.38

Roodaka changed Voporak's appearance with her Rhotuka, but the Brotherhood of Makuta gave him time powers.39

Other Information

  • The summer 2005 edition of the Lego Shop at Home Catalog claimed Roodaka was the Queen of the Visorak, but this was incorrect: she was the Viceroy.40