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Stelt was the home island of Krekka, Sidorak, Voporak, and Gladiator.


Stelt was home to a culture that thrived on war. Battle was a constant fact of life. Even their entertainment was built around violence, as massive warriors fought to the death in an arena for the amusement of their masters.1

Voporak came from an island populated by a highly competitive and prideful species. Any time any of them succeeded in building in something, his neighbors would grow jealous and destroy it. This resulted in a land made barren and a culture that bordered on anarchy.2

The island of Stelt was the home of Sidorak and his people.3

A trader on the island of Stelt would, over the course of his life, see pretty much everything at least once. The place was a crossroads for the crooked, the desperate, and those just looking for fast money, or a deal best kept hidden from Toa. Miserix once remarked, "A Nui-Rama doesn't buzz on the Tren Krom Peninsula" without you scum hearing it.4 When Mazeka heard reports of a large reptilian being tearing the roof off a building, he dismissed it as "just another wild Steltian story."5

A rogue Fe-Matoran Nynrah Ghost6 had a workshop on Stelt. It was located on the second floor of an inn in one of the nastier parts of Stelt. The stairs leading upstairs were guarded by two members of Krekka's species.7 According to Mazeka, this crafter was known for doing disreputable business, such as helping Vultraz make a modification to his vehicle.8

Stelt was located in the northern section of the Matoran universe, with the Tren Krom Peninsula to the west, the rest of the Northern Continent to the northwest, Xia to the north, and the Southern Continent to the south.9

Zakaz, Xia, and Stelt formed an island chain.10

There was probably an Order of Mata Nui agent on Stelt.11