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Lariska was a female Dark Hunter.1, 2 Little was known about her early life or where she originally came from, but it could be safely assumed that she was from a land where every day was a battle for survival. Tough and cynical, she was a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and an expert with many weapons, although she preferred throwing daggers. During the Toa Mahri's mission in Mahri Nui, Lariska was active, but her current whereabouts and mission were secret.1


Nidhiki noted that Lariska was the first person he saw who seemed as at home in the shadows as he did. Lariska did not wear a Kanohi mask. Lariska was amazingly agile; she easily dodged blasts of air from Toa Nidhiki. She could do a somersault from a standing start and hurl daggers in the same leap. She could vanish from sight in a fraction of a second. She was able to figure out Toa Nidhiki's location even when he was using his Mask of Stealth.3

Lariska was an extremely skilled fighter. When fighting Hakann, she was able to hurl daggers with perfect accuracy even when half-blinded by sand, and she was able to dodge his heat beams by doing a backflip from a standing start, then executing a perfect flying kick. Hakann could not believe she could move so fast. It took more power than he expected to bring her down with a mental blast. She wielded daggers. She had a habit of twirling her daggers.4

Lariska was female, lithe and well-armed. Her left arm was completely mechanical.5

During the mission to free Miserix, Lariska carried a protosteel dagger.5

Lariska assisted in the war against the Brotherhood of Makuta between the mission to free Miserix and Teridax's takeover.6

Lariska's only power was her agility and her marksmanship.7

Other Information

  • Lariska was one of Greg Farshtey's favorite characters as of the completion of the 2006 novels.8
  • By Fall 2006, Greg Farshtey hadn't decided how Lariska lost her arm.9
  • Lariska was Greg Farshtey's favorite Dark Hunter.10