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The Kanohi Matatu was the Kanohi Mask of Telekinesis.1


The Matatu was the Noble Mask of Telekinesis. It allowed the user to move objects and project force by thought.2

The Kanohi Matatu was the Noble Mask of Telekinesis. It allowed its wearer to move objects using the power of his thoughts.3

Matatu were created from Kanoka disks with the teleport and shrink powers.4

The great Matatu that Nuju wore was fitted with a telescoping eye. This was a mechanical enhancement that allowed the user to see better, since vision was important to how the mask was used, even though the mask power had nothing to do with vision as such.5

If a Matoran with a powerless Matatu with no eyepiece became a Toa, their Great Matatu would not have an eyepiece.6

A Great Matatu user could use their mask on multiple objects provided they could maintain concentration. Keeping seven bricks in the air would not be difficult, but keeping seven Kikanalo in the air would be a strain.7

The number of objects a Great Matatu user could lift at one time would depend solely on the size and weight of the objects. Just like lifting objects physically depends on physical strength, how much a Matatu user could lift with telekinesis would depend on the strength of their mind.8

A Noble Matatu user could lift more than one object, but they would have to be lighter and for a shorter time because the duration of the Noble Mask's power was shorter.9