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multi-resistant shield

The multi-resistant shield, also called simply a shield1, 2, was a large, arm-mounted plate of armor formed by Onua Nuva's adaptive armor while he was in Karda Nui.3, 4, 5 Onua's adaptive armor changed shape to suit his environment, and it took this shape in response to his presence in the swamp of Karda Nui.CN The multi-resistant shield was mounted on Onua's left upper arm. Like the rest of Onua's adaptive armor, it was made of protosteel.6, 7, 8 It was not a separate adaptive weapon like the ones most of the other Toa Nuva had.9 Onua's armor presumably took on a different form sometime after he left Karda Nui.


  • It is likely that Onua sometimes detached the shield and used it for digging.10