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Onua · Onua Nuva

Onua, also called Onua Nuva, was the Toa Mata and Toa Nuva of Earth, serving as a member of the Toa team that fought against Makuta to awaken Mata Nui.


Onua Nuva was wise and strong. As a Toa Nuva, no place on Mata Nui was too far or too dangerous for him to reach, for his quake-breakers could be used as high-speed, all-terrain tracks. They could also be used to carve new passages in the earth. Onua Nuva wore the Pakari Nuva, which increased his raw strength to amazing levels.1

Onua Nuva's color was black, his element was earth, and his village was Onu-Koro. He had the ability to tunnel through any substance and cause earthquakes, and he also had night vision. His tools were two quake-breakers that could tunnel through earth and rock; they could be attached to his feet and used as all-terrain treads. His mask was the Kanohi Pakari Nuva, the Great Mask of Strength.2

Onua Nuva was the wisest of the Toa. He spoke only when he had something important to say and was always willing to help his friends. He was trusted and respected by all.2

Onua was the Toa of Earth, whose claw-like hands let him dig great tunnels. He wore the Kanohi Pakari, the Mask of Strength, giving him the power of many.3

Even when he lost his elemental powers, Onua Nuva's strength remained awesome, allowing him to hoist huge boulders above his head. He also retained more sensitive hearing than the other Toa.4

Of all the Toa, Onua was the best at not speaking unless he had something worthwhile to say. Only Kopaka lived in greater silence, by choice. Onua spent most of his existence beneath the surface.5

Onua Nuva had keen night vision. Turaga Whenua's Kanohi Ruru gave him far greater night vision than even Onua Nuva possessed.5

Whenua said that Onua was very wise, perhaps the wisest of all the six Toa. Onua respected and admired Whenua and would have given his life to protect him.5

Onua's early history was a mystery.6

Onua was the master of earth. He could erect walls of earth in an instant, cause the soil to strike a foe like a battering ram, or make the dirt shift under a foe so that he fell into the ground. He was a skilled tunneler, often helping Onu-Matoran to dig new mine shafts. He had excellent night vision, but his eyesight was weak in daylight.6

Onua was arguably one of the wisest of the Toa. He was also one of the least talkative, which could cause problems in that he was too quick to let others go their own way without speaking his mind, even when he knew they were mistaken. He tried to be the Toa's conscience, helping them keep a sense of perspective about their place in the universe.6

As a Toa, Onua relied on his claws. As a Toa Nuva, he used a pair of quake breakers.6 He most often wore the Great Kanohi Pakari or Pakari Nuva, the Mask of Strength.6, 7

The powerful Toa of Earth used his Mask of Strength, wings, shield, Nynrah ghost blaster, and jet rockets to battle the Makuta in the Karda Nui swamp.8

The wisest of the Toa Mata, Onua, the Toa of Earth, was a team member others knew they could rely on. Though he never said much, he was always there when he was needed. Twice, he saved Lewa from terrible fates – once when Lewa had been forced to wear an infected mask, and later when the Bohrok had taken over his mind with a krana. In both cases, it was Onua's quiet reassurance and faith in Lewa's strength that helped him overcome the threat. If Onua had a flaw, it was that he was too willing to allow others to make their own mistakes. He saw no point in arguing with Tahu or Kopaka; he felt it was better to let them do what they wished and learn lessons on their own. As with all other residents of Onu-Koro, Onua had weak vision in daylight but excellent night vision. He was a skilled tunneler. As a Toa Mata, Onua wore the Kanohi Pakari, the Mask of Strength, and relied on his natural claws as a weapon.9

As a Toa Nuva, Onua wore the Nuva version of the Pakari, enabling him to share its great strength with others. He carried twin quake breakers which could double as all-terrain tracks for his feet.10

Onua was always considered one of the wisest of Toa. He proved this in Karda Nui, as from the start, something did not feel right to him about their adventure. The Toa Nuva were outnumbered and certainly outpowered by the Makuta, yet somehow they had avoided destruction. It almost felt as if, despite their ferocious attacks, the Makuta were holding back. Onua could not help but wonder why. Unable to find an answer, he concentrated on carrying out the mission. Onua's power over earth saved his life more than once in the swamp. Onua wore adaptive armor equipped with high-tech wings and jet rockets. He carried a Nynrah ghost blaster and a multi-resistant shield. He wore the Kanohi Pakari Nuva, the Mask of Strength. At the end of story year 2008, Onua was on Metru Nui, tasked with transforming the Archives into an impenetrable fortress.11

Mata Nui compared Ackar to Onua, having tremendous strength tempered with wisdom. Both were strategists and were respected by all who knew them.12

Without the use of a Kanohi Pakari, Pohatu and Onua were probably equal in physical strength.13

Krekka was probably a hair stronger than Onua Nuva when the latter had his Pakari Nuva.14

Onua's claws were his hands.15

Onua's claws were tools which he could throw.16

Onua Mata's claws were not detachable.17

Other Information

  • Onua's claws were a set detail, not a story detail.18
  • Greg Farshtey found Onua to be harder to write for than Tahu.19

Kanohi Found

Original mask.
Found sometime after Onua's meeting.
Found sometime before Tahu's Kaukau was found.