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Mutran was a skilled designer of Rahi. He played a significant role in the creation of Makuta Teridax's plans. Vican was Mutran's shadow Matoran assistant.3


Makuta Mutran was the Brotherhood's expert at creating shadow leeches and other strange creatures. Mutran wore the Kanohi Mask of Silence and was armed with a Tridax pod, sharp claws, and a shadow spear. Vican, one of the first shadow Matoran ever created, was the only one to know all of Mutran's secrets. Vican could attach to Mutran in a fight.4

Miserix originally assigned Mutran to watch over the center section of the Matoran mainland. Mutran never paid much attention to the region, instead focusing on his experiments. He saw Matoran as dispensable.1

According to himself, Mutran put subtlety into his Rahi work, as opposed to the more blunt style of Chirox.5

Mutran often abducted unwilling Matoran test subjects for his work, although he remarked that their protests grew tiresome.6

Mutran and Chirox specialized in continuing to refine their abilities to create Rahi.7

Mutran was Chirox's long-time rival.8

Mutran and Chirox found they could often find volunteers for their experiments from Gorast's region, since the inhabitants would do anything to get away from her. This stopped when Gorast destroyed Chirox's lab on Destral and threatened to do the same to him.9

Mutran had a team of Toa Hagah.10

Vican was wary of Mutran.11

Mutran could fly with his wings.12