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Southern Continent

The Southern Continent was one of two major continents in the Matoran universe. The southern continent alone was home to tens of thousands of Matoran.[1]


The Southern Continent formed the roof of Karda Nui's dome, which was situated directly beneath it.[1]

The Southern Continent was the largest single landmass in the Matoran universe. It was located in the northern section of the universe, south of the Northern Continent and the island of Stelt. Daxia was situated off the southeastern end of the continent. Some distance to the south were the beginnings of the two island chains that ran south down the legs of the Matoran universe. Voya Nui was located in the middle of the Southern Continent. The Tren Krom River ran between the continent's eastern and western coasts, spanning its entire breadth and running along the southern edge of Voya Nui at its midpoint.[1]

There were no Toa on the Southern Continent.[2]

The Southern Continent was not a major target and was well defended even without Toa.[3]

When the Great Spirit Robot was submerged on its back, Metru Nui and the Southern Continent were at the same depth.[4]