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Piruk was a Le-Matoran1 and a member of the Matoran Resistance.2, 3 He was good at sneaking around but was not the most courageous member of the group. He was primarily used as a scout and spy. He carried two shredder claws as weapons.3


Stealthy and quick, Piruk was the best spy of the Matoran resistance group on Voya Nui, sneaking into the Piraka stronghold to get information. His shredder claws were capable of ripping through solid metal.4

Piruk was a Le-Matoran member of the Matoran Resistance. Piruk was known for his stealth. Not terribly brave, he was still extremely loyal to his friends and a very skilled spy. He carried two shredder claws which could rip through solid metal.5

Piruk never lived on Metru Nui or Mata Nui.6

Piruk acted as a spy for the Matoran Resistance.7

Piruk spied on the Piraka.8

Piruk's claws were not detachable.9