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Pokawi were flightless fowl which lived high among the peaks of Po-Metru, feeding on whatever vegetation might be there. Their only protection from predators was their high vantage point, which allowed them to spot predators before they could get too close.12 On Mata Nui, they were known for scattering in all directions at the approach of enemies, confusing them with their sudden movement.2


The Pokawi jungle fowl was a small, flightless bird of Le-Wahi with a loud "pok-pok-pok" call. Pokawi spent their entire lives on the marshy jungle floor, hunting for edible insects and fallen fruits or seeds. When a flock of Pokawi was surprised by a Rahi, each hopped away in a different direction, creating a bewildering explosion of sound and color that confused the predator and helped the birds to escape.3

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