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The Kanohi Ruru was the Kanohi Mask of Night Vision. The Great Mask version allowed its user not only to see in the dark but to have X-ray vision as well. The Noble Ruru allowed night vision only.1


The Ruru was the Noble Mask of Night Vision. It gave the user the power to see in any level of darkness.2

The Kanohi Ruru was the Noble Mask of Night Vision. It allowed its wearer to see in total darkness.3

Turaga Whenua's Kanohi Ruru gave him far greater night vision than even Onua Nuva possessed.4

The great Ruru could light the way in front of the user with a bright light, making darkness bright as day. The mask cast a glare that made it hard for those whom it was pointed at to see. When Whenua concentrated as never before, the mask glowed as brightly as a sun, its light piercing the ground. This allowed Whenua to see through solid matter.5

The Great Ruru could be used to look through solid objects.6

Ruru were created from Kanoka disks with the enlarge and teleport powers.7

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey didn't see much difference in power level between the Great Ruru and Akaku.8