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The Kanohi Ruru was the Kanohi Mask of Night Vision. The Great Mask version allowed its user not only to see in the dark but to have X-ray vision as well. The Noble Ruru allowed night vision only.[1]


The Ruru was the Noble Mask of Night Vision. It gave the user the power to see in any level of darkness.[2]

The Kanohi Ruru was the Noble Mask of Night Vision. It allowed its wearer to see in total darkness.[3]

Turaga Whenua's Kanohi Ruru gave him far greater night vision than even Onua Nuva possessed.[4]

The great Ruru could light the way in front of the user with a bright light, making darkness bright as day. The mask cast a glare that made it hard for those whom it was pointed at to see. When Whenua concentrated as never before, the mask glowed as brightly as a sun, its light piercing the ground. This allowed Whenua to see through solid matter.[5]

The Great Ruru could be used to look through solid objects.[6]

Ruru were created from Kanoka disks with the enlarge and teleport powers.[7]

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey didn't see much difference in power level between the Great Ruru and Akaku.[8]