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squid launcher

Kalmah created mechanical launchers that could be used to hurl sea squid swiftly at a target. All six Barraki carried these launchers.[1]


When a squid attacked a target, it drained the target's life energy. Each Barraki had added a special feature to his armor that allowed him to clip living squid on and carry them as ammunition.[2]

Kalmah designed a mechanical launcher which could be used to hurl sea squids at enemies. All six Barraki came to carry this weapon.[3]

Squid launchers were used to send the sea squid in a particular direction at a greater speed than they could swim on their own.[4]

Squid launchers worked almost like a crossbow.[5]

Squid Launchers were made of scavenged materials from the bottom of the sea.[6]

Squid launchers weren't used as last resorts, they were used to avoid hand to hand combat.[7]

The same squid could be fired multiple times.[8]

Launched squid were either retrieved by Kalmah or left to wander and feed or get killed by larger sea predators.[9]