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Ta-Matoran were residents of Ta-Koro or Ta-Metru. They commonly had red armor and wore red or yellow masks. On Metru Nui, most Ta-Matoran worked in foundries and forges, creating Kanohi masks and other items for use throughout the city. On Mata Nui, many Ta-Matoran were lava farmers or members of the Ta-Koro Guard.3


On Mata Nui, Ta-Matoran farmed lava all day and surfed it all night. However, even they had limits to the heat they could tolerate.4

On Metru Nui, a small number of highly skilled Ta-Matoran earned the privilege of becoming mask makers. They were responsible for creating every Kanohi Mask of Power in the city, from the ones worn by Matoran to the Great Masks worn by Toa.5

Ta-Matoran could be killed by molten protodermis.6

Ta-Matoran were affiliated with the element of fire. On Metru Nui, they were mask and tool makers. On Mata Nui, they were lava farmers.7

Ta-Matoran had a natural limited resistance to heat.8

List of Ta-Matoran

  • Jala/Jaller
  • Kapura
  • Aft
  • Agni
  • Aodhan
  • Brander
  • Kalama
  • Keahi
  • Maglya
  • Tiribomba
  • Vohon
  • Nuhrii
  • Vakama
  • Lhikan
  • Dume
  • Balta
  • Dezalk
  • Norik
  • Firedracax
  • Toa of Fire merged into Prototype (?)
  • Sarda
  • Vultraz
  • Gaardus