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The Green · Plant Life · Jungle


When Hakann and Vezok broke into an island Toa fortress, there was a blue-green armored Toa patrolling a ledge who controlled plant life.1

A Toa of Plant Life could use his elemental powers to create a living plant from nothing, within limits, although this would be a huge strain. Toa would be more likely to manipulate existing plants if possible.2

The Toa of the Green in BIONICLE Legends #4 was male.3, 4

All Toa that controlled plantlife were male.5

The unofficial name for Toa who controlled plantlife was "Toa of the Green".6

Toa who controlled plants were referred to as "Toa of the Green".7

Like all Toa, a Toa of the Green could create his element.8

Plants created by a Toa of Plants would be standard ones, dependent on nutrients and air, because Toa of Plants couldn't control air and therefore could not provide it.9

Other Information

  • In mid-2006, Greg Farshtey was hesitant to say a Toa of Vegetation could exist because it cut really close to Swamp Thing.10
  • In September 2006, Greg Farshtey confirmed there would be a female Toa who controlled plant life in BIONICLE Legends #4: Legacy of Evil.11 The book stated this Toa was male, which was the canon gender of this Toa.3, 4
  • By January 2007, this element still had no official name.12