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twin propellers

The twin propellers, also called the rotating propeller/drill claws1, 2, were a pair of weapons formed by Pohatu Nuva's adaptive weapons while he was in Karda Nui.3, 4, 5 Like the rest of Pohatu's adaptive armor, his adaptive weapons changed shape to suit his environment, and they took this shape in response to his presence in the sky of Karda Nui. They were mounted on Pohatu's hands and could serve as rotors, allowing him to fly.4 They could also serve as melee weapons6, claws7, or drills3. They were made of the finest protosteel and could shatter protosteel Makuta armor.3 Pohatu could use them to channel his elemental power of stone.CN These adaptive weapons were separate objects from the rest of Pohatu's adaptive armor.8 They presumably took on a different form sometime after Pohatu left Karda Nui.