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Umbra was one of the guardians of the Kanohi Ignika. He was the first sentinel put in place by the Great Beings to guard the mask 100,000 years ago, and he continued to serve until the time of the Toa Mahri's mission in the Pit. His powers included the ability to transform into a beam of light. He also possessed skates which let him move at super-speed, a staff that fired lasers, and a Rhotuka spinner that could create hard light projections.3


Umbra was the first guardian ever created for the Mask of Life. He used his super-speed, laser lance, and ability to transform himself into a beam of light to defeat all enemies.4

Umbra was a guardian of the Mask of Life. He lived deep beneath the surface of Voya Nui. He was the first guardian put in place by the Great Beings more than 100,000 years ago. Umbra was capable of turning into pure light and wore skates that allowed him to move at super-speed. He was armed with a staff that fired lasers and a Rhotuka spinner that could create hard light projections. As of the end of story year 2008, Umbra remained on Voya Nui, waiting for the return of the Mask of Life to its resting place.5

Umbra's name originated from the Agori language, not Matoran. He was presumably named by the Great Beings.6

Umbra was likely given his name by the Order of Mata Nui to decieve beings associated with shadow and temporarily make them believe he was on their side. This would have given him an opportunity to attack the beings by surprise.7

Umbra was not intended to guard the mask from someone as knowledgeable about the universe as Teridax.8

Umbra was placed beneath Voya Nui by the Order of Mata Nui, but his membership in that organization was debatable.9

Umbra was not a member of the Order of Mata Nui.10

Umbra was not influenced by the Ignika. He knew what his job was, and he would challenge anyone who tried to pass him, regardless of who they were.11

Umbra would fight anyone who tried to claim the Ignika, even someone like Axonn.12

Umbra did not require food or sleep.13

There were no other members of Umbra's species.14, 15

Umbra used his skates to maneuver. He did not use his staff to strike opponents.16

Umbra didn't have the full range of powers a Toa of Light would have, but he did have some light powers a Toa would not have, like the ability to turn himself into solid light.17

Umbra was not necessarily more powerful than a Toa of Light, his powers were just different.18

Umbra's shape wasn't important when he became light, he became a beam.19

Umbra could become a beam of light for as long as he wanted to, provided he wasn't stunned or knocked unconscious.20

Umbra was faster than a being with a Kakama Nuva.21

While transformed into a beam of light, Umbra could be absorbed by a Toa of Light.22

Umbra didn't have an eye power.23

Umbra didn't have a mask power because he didn't need one.24

Umbra didn't have a mask power.25

Umbra's mask was potentially ornamentation of something he salvaged from a fallen foe.26

Umbra did not need a mask to survive.27

Umbra didn't have a working Ruru. He didn't use a mask power because he had enough natural abilities without one.28

Umbra's staff shot lasers.29, 30

The two sides of Umbra's staff didn't have separate powers.31

Umbra's real name wasn't revealed. He had been called Umbra for 100,000 years.32

Umbra didn't know about the Order of Mata Nui. He knew his job was to guard the mask, and that's all he needed to know.33

Umbra's Rhotuka34 [sic Zamor] power created hard light projections.35

Umbra's rhotuka which created solid light projections would probably be called a "hologram rhotuka".36

Umbra's light powers weren't elemental like a Toa's were.37

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey had to make Umbra one of the oldest beings in the Matoran Universe because of his background.38
  • The Umbra model Greg Farshtey had access to when he wrote the 2006 books didn't have a Rhotuka launcher.39, 40
  • Greg Farshtey didn't assign Umbra a vision power because he was unaware the eyes lit up; he didn't have access to the set at work.41
  • Umbra did have a mask when Greg Farshtey first saw him, but he felt Umbra was powerful enough without mask powers and didn't want him to be too close to being a Toa.42
  • Umbra's description on Walmart's website contained a lot of information not found elsewhere. It claimed his Rhotuka could melt enemies and his mask was the Naynu, the great mask of lasers and source of his ability to become a beam of light. Greg Farshtey confirmed this information to be false. Naynu was not on the official list of BIONICLE names, there was no great mask of lasers, and LEGO would not allow a Rhotuka that melted enemies.43