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List of Languages

The following is a list of languages in the Bionicle universe.

Agori language

The Agori language was spoken by the inhabitants of Spherus Magna/Bara Magna, including the Agori and Glatorian.

Blade burrower language

Makuta Mutran once forced a Toa to communicate with blade burrowers using a Kanohi Rau.1

Bone hunter language

The bone hunters spoke their own language.

Flying Rahi language

Flying Rahi in the Matoran universe shared a common language of clicks and whistles. Kualus and Nuju both learned to use this language. As a Turaga, Nuju spoke exclusively in this language, which required others to listen to him through his Matoran interpreter, Matoro.

Nivawk communicated in a language of screeches and squawks. Makuta Teridax had mastered this language ages before story year 2004.2 It is not known if this language was the same as that used by other flying Rahi.

Kikanalo language

The Rahi beasts known as Kikanalo communicated in their own language. Toa Nokama was once able to communicate with a herd of Kikanalo in this language thanks to her Great Mask of Translation.

Matoran language

The Matoran language was a major language in the Matoran universe. It was, in fact, a form of programming language.


Chutespeak was a dialect of Matoran used by Le-Matoran on Metru Nui. Treespeak was the name for the equivalent dialect used by the Le-Matoran when they lived on the island of Mata Nui.

Ancient Matoran

The Noble Rau allowed its user to read the ancient languages, runes, and symbols.3, 4

On the inside of the Mask of Light was strange, incomprehensible writing in a language that Takua had never seen before. When translating this text, Nokama read it as "Mapaku una-kanokee wehnua-hakeeta ah-keelahe hanoni rahun-ahk toa-nak panokeeta makuta-tahkee ohnah-koo."5 This was an ancient dialect of Matoran.6, 7 This dialect predated Metru Nui.8

Skakdi language

The primary language of the Skakdi, which was distinct from Matoran.9

Skrall language

The Skrall spoke their own language.

  • Baterra was a Skrall term meaning "silent death."10

Visorak language

Visorak spiders communicated in their own language.

  • An ancient tablet in the Archives stated that the name Visorak meant "poisonous scourge" in their own language.11 Chirox named the Visorak, then the Visorak applied their own meaning ("stealers of life") to the word.12
  • "M&D" was Visorak shorthand for "mutation and disposal."13
  • The Visorak signalled each other through patterns of vibrations in their webs, not through spoken language. They could speak, but were not conversational.14

Vorox and Zesk language

The Vorox and Zesk on Bara Magna did not have the same spoken language as Agori, although they could manage a broken version of it.15 It could be assumed that they had names they called each other in their own language.16


The Krahka once shouted something in a language the Toa Metru had never heard.17

When Makuta impersonated Dume, he visited a secret room in Dume's private chamber. Here there were a pair of huge sundials that were made of great circular plates inscribed with a language that was ancient when Metru Nui was new.18

The Toa Hagah once came across a series of very ancient inscriptions on a tunnel wall while on the way to the secret control room beneath the Coliseum. Norik did not recognize the language. Bomonga, who was familiar with old inscriptions, thought that it might be some sort of root language for Matoran. Bomonga was only able to make out the name "Bara Magna." [It is not clear if this was Agori.]19